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The Sun Inn, Wales

During Covid - 19 the owners decided to use the lockdown time to completely re-furbish their premises

The Sun Inn in Wales gave Canary Gas a call for advice on upgrading their kitchen. Their initial contact was before the Corona virus hit the UK and they were eager to get the work done as soon as possible. However, the likelyhood of this was happening was getting more uncertain every day. So during the Covid - 19 lockdown the owners decided to completely overhaul their premises including the kitchen.

The existing canopy wasn't fit for purpose, so Canary Gas manufactured a new bespoke extraction system & installed an gas interlock system.

We also installed a new gas inlet manifold and supplied 3 re-conditioned items of cooking equipment to get the kitchen off to flying start.

If you are looking to re-furbish your commercial kitchen then why not give Canary Gas a call for a competitive quote.